Hanging systems

Hanging systems

Another storage essential are hangers, but often they are not a good use of space and are difficult for narrow wardrobes. Wardrobe Solutions offers a wide range of hangers, suitable for different items of clothing and spaces. These include belt hangers, tie hangers and trouser hangers. These slide out and are mounted in different ways to maximise the space.

Crossbar hanger

If you have a wardrobe less than 50cm deep, the crossbar hanger is an excellent option. It’s fitted under the shelf and fully slides out for easy access and still giving you the option of hanging clothes even if you don't have the full depth needed for traditional hanging. Fill out the form below to book a free design consultation and discuss the range of hangers and how they can be used to solve your storage issues. 

Drop down hanger

A very popular hanging system is this drop down hanger which will allow you to take full advantage of the height of your wardrobe, whilst allowing you to organise your wardrobe with drawers and shelves in the bottom half of your wardrobe which are within easy reach

Handbag hanger

Avoid creases and scuffs on your favorite handbags by hanging them on these specially designed handbag hangers. Some handbags are better stored in a hanging position rather than on a shelf and by doing so it offers more protection. The hangers hook onto your existing hanging rail and can be easily added or removed when needed.

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