Our bespoke shelves are adapted to you and we have smart solutions such as sliding shelves and dedicated shoe shelves. The experienced Wardrobe Solutions team will discuss your needs and make suggestions to avoid unnecessary empty spaces and make your storage work for you. Contact us by filling out the form below to discuss the different options and let us guide you to what will work best for you. 

Be organised

Shelves are a storage must-have, but are often the wrong size, depth or length to fit what you have perfectly. We can tailor make shelves to your specific needs which will help you be organised without wasting an inch.

Pull out shelves

An excellent way of having full access to the back of your selves is by installing these great pull out shelves. Never have to worry about losing clothing items at the back of your wardrobe shelves. Pull-out shelves extend out fully giving you a full view of exactly what is stored on your shelves so finding that favourite jumper will become a lot easier.

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