Walk-in wardrobes

Wardrobe Solutions has a wonderful range of storage solutions to create the perfect walk-in closet anywhere in your home. These are not only suitable for the bedroom, but can be the perfect option for use in a cloakroom, utility room or even hallway. They can be laid out in an L or U shape, depending on the space available, and equipped with shelves, rails, drawers, shoe racks and storage for cases, towels, bedding and more. As we create bespoke walk-in wardrobes for you, and have a range of flexible systems which can fit in any space and be configured in any way you want, your walk-in closet will be as individual as you. The Orto system works really well in walk-in wardrobes, as an alternative for traditional wardrobe structures. It is an aluminium rail system with a very slender and minimalist form to offer an openwork rack structure, which adds a sense of space and light, while being totally flexible to your needs. Shelves, drawers, bars and cupboards can be mounted onto this system and the only limit is your imagination! Contact us to find out more about Walk-In wardrobes and how they could work for you. 

Walk-in wardrobes London

A walk-in closet is a real luxury, which offers you the optimum storage space possible and a wonderful way to display your clothes, shoes, bags and items. Not only do you get an easy view of everything you have to choose from, but a walk-in wardrobe is also a highly flexible space, which can create an ideal dressing room. At Wardrobe Solutions, we can design, configure and install walk-in wardrobes throughout South London. You can choose from the standard wardrobe systems we use in our normal bespoke wardrobes and incorporate drawers, shelves, rails and a wide range of wardrobe interiors. In that case we simply do not fit doors, so you have maximum visibility and ease of use. Alternatively, you can try our Orto Rail system, which is a modern twist to wardrobe design. This can be left open, or fitted with doors - transparent glass doors being the most popular choice. To discuss how we can create a walk-in wardrobe in your London home, please contact Wardrobe Solutions for a free design consultation.  

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